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At JEM, we pride ourselves in providing top-tier packaging and fulfillment services to companies who value both quality and social responsibility.
With competitive pricing, we cater to businesses who want to make a difference.
By partnering with JEM, you’re not just receiving quality packaging and fulfillment services; you’re supporting an inclusive, empowering environment where employees with disabilities can thrive. Together, we can create a product journey that is rewarding for everyone involved.
As a certified adapted enterprise, JEM sets the bar high in terms of employment standards for individuals with disabilities. We are continually innovating, ensuring that our team, more than 70 percent of whom live with functional limitations, remains engaged and highly productive. Our employees are our core strength. Their diligence, motivation, and meticulousness reflect the values that we stand for, contributing to our partners’ success and the quality of the services we offer.

Packaging is more than just wrapping. It is a crucial element in a product’s journey.

From display assembly to labelling, and heat sealing to ink jet printing, we can do it all. No task is too big or too small for our team.




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We're not just a packaging and fulfillment service; we're your partner in navigating the bustling landscape of online retail. Catering to both Business-to-Business (B2B) and Business-to-Consumer (B2C) models, we seamlessly integrate with your business operations to ensure that your products reach the end user effectively and efficiently. From carefully picking the right items from your inventory to securely packaging them for their journey, we handle each step with precision and professionalism.

This new service offering will bring our high quality packaging services right to the customer’s door!

Our employees will work directly at customer headquarters, benefiting from partnerships for mutual growth. Stay tuned for more details about the launch of mobile work groups.


Mobile work groups


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For 70+ years, JEM has excelled in packaging services for startups and enterprises across diverse industries. We offer top-notch work, competitive pricing, and on-time delivery. Let's collaborate and create lasting value.

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