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Meet the JEM Team


Meet Our Team: The Power of Working Hand in Hand

We are an unstoppable force, with a team of over 100 dedicated staff and hourly employees. United by a shared mission, we bring together a rich tapestry of backgrounds and skills to create a profound and positive impact in our community

Meet the JEM Team

Board of Directors

Ronald Balinsky
Michael Etinson
Adam Gold
Julie Kristof
Ruth Levitsky
Gurit Lotan
Lisa Modell
Leslie Perez
Aubrey Rosenhek
Ashley Ross
Arielle Segal
Brigitte Skeene
Sheri Spunt
Richard Vineberg

Nothing about us without us

As one of Quebec's certified adapted workplaces, JEM is committed to the highest standards of employment for people with disabilities and is re-establishing itself as a center for innovation and excellence. We support our employees to achieve their employment potential, providing them with the necessary tools and support so they can thrive.